Friday, September 18, 2009

Long Term Project Part Two

I just rescued every last bit of art from my parents attic. Unfortunately I must have forgotten a box that I packed up at some earlier point and it received considerable water damage from a leak in the roof. It was still wet from a recent rain when I picked it up. I brought it home and sicked a hair dryer on one drawing at a time, until I realized that there were way too many to keep doing it that way (plus I blew a fuse doing it!). I took the rest and tried to spread them out a bit in front of a window fan.

They are all dry now, except for a few of the thicker things. About 99% survived to some extent or another. Many have water damage and mildew spots, but more than I expected are completely unaffected.

I don't have a particularly good memory, and most of my childhood memories are hazy to say the least. However in the past week or so I remembered how when I was probably in first or second grade taking Saturday classes at the Columbus College of Art & Design we worked together as a class to make a sort of "mascot" that was printed on a t-shirt. We wound up doing an aardvark I think. I was very saddened while I was going through the box to find the drawing that I did that constituted a good portion of the design was practically destroyed. (I have no idea what happened to the shirt that I received.)

It was one of very few drawings/paintings that I've found that I sort of remember doing.

Oh well!

I recovered what I used to think was a "large" painting, ostensibily a self portrait from roughly the same time in my life. This is also one of the few things that I remember making a bit, and made while in the Saturday Classes. I remember that we separated into groups and took turns laying down on chipboard while the other kids traced our outlines. Then we painted our own "portraits" with crappy tempera. It's not all that interesting as a piece, but at least I sort of recall its making which for me is saying quite a bit.

I'll have to re-focus some effort on this project, because now that I have ALL of the art it is taking up a little too much space in my apartment!

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